30 fps

Real-Time Performance

Limitation caused by sensors and camera update frequency.

30 %

CPU/GPU utilization

35-40% of 1 core out of 6 at 2GHz CPU and < 100 GFLOPS GPU (Jetson TX2)

35 000 miles

Different Continents

Verified in East/West Europe, USA, and China


Your vehicle is the medium

  • the route is enlightened on turns, curves, slopes and complex junctions
  • road limits are supportively discovered and displayed
  • collisions are predicted, and obstacles are highlighted
  • assistance in lane keeping and departure notification
  • vehicle data is placed conveniently and timely

True augmented reality SW ready for vehicle integration

Both video-overlay mode and look-through modes are available

Best use of vehicle systems: sensors, cameras, maps, navigation, telematics

High performance on majority of automotive hardware systems

Multiple output devices are supported

Customizable for setups of different car models

Easy-to-tailor to OEM design and logic

Plan your production timeline

First contact

Discussion of goals, requirements and expectations

Proof of concept

Delivery of fully functional and integrated into the vehicle prototype

Feature complete

All features are implemented on target hardware and can be demonstrated

Start of Production

System is verified and ready for production

Initiate process

Unique and open ADAS platform

Open ADAS platform for automotive combines most sophisticated modern techniques to host advanced driver assistance applications: Augmented Reality, Smart Camera, Surround View Monitoring. This platform will enable active safety applications: lane keeping and departure warning, forward/side/rear collision avoidance and, ultimately, autonomous driving.

Recognition and Fusion

Data fusion and camera-based recognition

The modern vehicle provides rich data sources for understanding dynamic environment through the map, navigation, and variety of sensors and cameras. Proper synchronization, fusion, and extrapolation of various data are secret to success. We create precise, actual and predictive environmental model based on external inputs and in-house developed algorithms using already available in the vehicle computing power.


Positioning, path planning and objects tracking

Precise position of the vehicle and accurate path planning is as important as understanding of complex environment. This is valid for initial moment of your departure till reaching out to your destination.

Distances and projected trajectories of other moving objects has to be tracked and updated constantly, considering vehicle speed up to 250 km/h.

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Rendering and stabilization

Our rendering methods visualize information for the driver naturally:

  • comfortable to see, no need to change eye focus or eyes position
  • advanced, close to reality textures and trasnparency
  • no covering of important traffic objects
  • non overlapping augmented objects
  • merged to environment, as being part of it
  • like painted, objects keep their position when vehicle is passing by

As well, imperfectionness of the road with all its hummocks holes and pits, up and down slopes, curves and turns will not compromise quality of rendered visual information by proper and timely stabilization.

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our story

Inspired by changes and values automotive industry constantly bringing to everyday life, Apostera team members obsession with automotive started almost a decade ago with participation in series of high-end innovative products introduction to the market. Advanced mathematical, algorithmic and physics background, hands-on engineering experience in top-notch navigation, driver assistance, telecommunication, embedded systems together with global automotive market understanding allowed to anticipate set of challenges on the way to futuristic world of highly effective, automated transportation system.

Motivated by the idea of bringing transportation and driving to the next level, gathered around complex problem resolution, Apostera team, after several years of R&D offers solutions and makes driving more comfortable and safe.

We can work
on the future together

Our future plans

new features

Large FoW support
Augmented SVM
Augmented RSE

New products

Front/Side/Rear-view SW camera
Driving Record
Active ADAS and AD

New Markets

Mid-class vehicles
Public transportation
Cargo vehicles

Collaboration model

San Francisco
Saint Petersburg

Participation in Exhibitions

AWE 2018
IFA 2018
September 2017
January   2018
May 2018 (booth S29)
August 2018
August 2018

Apostera on IFA 2018

Dive in a new era of human-machine interface! We invite you to experience the Demo of a future in a real vehicle! Discover the city of Berlin utilizing a combination of voice by Nuance, gaze detection by DFKI and mixed reality by Apostera. No touching, no typing, no pointing - seamless automotive assistant. Check it out at IFA2018.

May 2018

Apostera on AWE 2018

We are excited to announce that our Apostera Team will participate in upcoming #AWE2018 taking place in California from 30th of May till 1st of June. Apostera Team will showcase recent solution development results and share plans for the futures. We will present our latest release of True Augmented Reality Guidance and a lot of other interesting things that help to bring mobility world to new area of autonomy. We will be happy to meet with you at Augmented World Expo, Please, follow us to stay abreast of recent achievements - booth S29.

January 2018

Apostera on CES 2018 test-drive

Apostera, a developer of open ADAS platform, will provide a chance to try the world’s unique automotive Augmented Reality Software solution, supporting both video overlay for in-vehicle navigation system and look-through mode for a laser and holographic heads-up displays on the road in Las Vegas, 9-15 January, 2018.

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